Arthur Application Areas - Different Usages of Arthur.

Application Areas

Client Examples

Ideation/content creation workshops

One of the most popular use cases for Arthur are content creation workshops. Arthur combines the feeling of being in the same room with countless digital productivity tools - elevating the possibilities of collaboration to a new level.

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The global leading professional services firm PwC has been using Arthur for both internal and client workshops in different formats that require lots of creativity and productivity.

Facilitated team meetings

Arthur enables all kinds of team meetings to be held in a virtual space – from daily standups over training seminars to roleplaying exercises, there are no limits to how/what can be discussed. For social interactions, teams can also meet up in the virtual cafeteria or for a round of virtual yoga.

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Multiple agencies within the United Nations are collaborating in VR training seminars and workshops, facilitated by the expert group ITCILO - pioneering this new interactive and engaging way to connect, coach and ideate.

Client meetings/presentations

Our customers frequently use Arthur for critical client presentations, especially in situations with senior clients that are geographically distributed, where a simple video conference won’t do. Dynamic content distribution and the ability to split up into groups organically enable more powerful and engaging meetings.

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As a matter of continuous innovation and even before pandemic hit, Societe Generale had already been holding VR analyst-client meetings in three countries - pioneering a new medium to connect and engage.

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Team and project management

For project management and intra-team alignment, Arthur offers powerful tools to facilitate crystal clear communication - even across multiple teams and geographies, with everyone meeting in their project spaces in one large interconnected virtual office.

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