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Societe Generale: Client presentations in VR

Societe Generale is one of the leading European financial services groups operating in 62 countries and serving 29 million customers worldwide.

As an innovation leader pioneering the use of VR for work, Societe Generale was actively exploring VR adoption and initiated VR projects with Arthur even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Having partnered with Arthur in 2020, Societe Generale has conducted personalized and engaging client presentations in Arthur VR and delivered unparalleled client experience.

A male and a female avatar during a client discussion using whiteboard in an Arthur VR meeting

Within the Global Markets division of Societe Generale, the lead analysts for financial market analysis are usually in high demand to discuss complex financial topics frequently with clients. Due to the complexity of the content, in-person meetings were necessary, and video conferencing was not a satisfactory option for an optimal client experience.

To enable more frequent interaction with clients and optimize client experience, sales representatives sent VR headsets to clients. Later, the clients met with the lead analysts in prepared VR rooms to walk through financial market analysis and data visualization. In addition, Societe Generale has made great use of Arthur to build topic-focused rooms for innovative content display supported by customizable room layouts and abundant 3D objects.

Avatars of a group of clients and company representatives discussing a presentation in Arthur VR meeting space
Avatars of a client and an analyst reviewing a presentation in Arthur VR meeting room

The immersive environments and sense of in-person presence in VR have brought clients fresh and exciting remote meeting experiences. The clients find this new presentation format very personal and engaging and choose to continue with VR-based meetings in Arthur. Furthermore, client meetings in VR allow a lot more creativity than in a Zoom meeting or even some occasions in real life. One gets the opportunity, for instance, to use all kinds of 3D models and shapes to visualize and analyze data more effectively. 

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