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How to deliver an engaging client presentation in VR

Can you imagine fully immersing yourself in beautiful environments, feeling as if you are having an in-person meeting with real interactions, and literally walking your clients through engaging presentations remotely? Sounds fantastic, right?

If you are interested to know how you can use Arthur to deliver engaging presentations, keep reading!

Firstly, you can choose from various presentation rooms in Arthur, depending on your needs and preferences.

three different solutions for collaboration with Powerpoint presentations for remote board meetings and remote client meetings. Three virtual meeting spaces: boardroom, presentation stage and beach.

Once you know where you want to have your presentation, it is time to discover the different tools you can use to create an engaging experience.

Two virtual meeting spaces. The first with a Powerpoint presentation and an auditorium and the second with a Powerpoint presentation spread across the room for an interactive walk-through.

You could have a classic presentation in one of our auditoriums, with a beautiful background and the opportunity for full focus and attention. You can also spread your presentation in a VR office environment and literally walk your clients through it slide by slide while also making real-time mark-ups and comments on the presentation.

If you want to showcase a video in a cinematic feeling, you can easily upload a mp4-video file to Arthur.

video played during a vr based meeting for remove work and as a tool for collaboration.
Two whiteboards, a timer and text label to improve collaboration in the workplace during a virtual reality business meeting.

Want to have an in-depth discussion with your client but while keeping track of time? Use whiteboards and add a timer for this exact result!

A fun way of applying our text labels in such use cases is to create an interactive mind map about any topic to discuss with customers.

Several coloured text labels used to form a mind map. A mind map logically presents a set of ideas as a tool used for collaboration for remote work and productivity.
Browser page opened during a meeting in vr with the vr application areas. These areas show that Arthur is among companies that work remote providing remote work benefits.

Did something that can be found on the web come into your head spontaneously during the presentation, or do you want to show your website to a remote client? We have a browser available in Arthur that can help you in such cases and many more.

Do you like creating different things with the 2D shapes in PowerPoint? With 3D shapes in VR, you can do exactly the same, except for the opportunity to leave all restrictions behind!

3D shapes used to build a process flow with different heights and colours. This is a solution for collaboration to discuss, for instance, positive or negative trends.
Three different platforms with corresponding text labels in different colours and shapes. Perfect tool used for remote work to gather feedback from participants.

Finally, would you like to ask your clients whether they enjoyed the session and want to do it in an interactive way? You can build an interactive voting area using our 3D models! With the extensive library of 3D models, you can unleash your creativity!

Ready to take your client presentations to the next level? Just book a demo to learn more.