In-Person Meetings.
Fully Digital.

Arthur is a virtual office space that allows you and your team to meet, collaborate, and manage your work — all in Virtual Reality.

Take a look inside

How does it work?

The future of work is personal, agile and fully digital. Enjoy the power of in-person meetings without travel or logistics.

Illustrative VR User putting on headset

Enter your VR office

Put on an untethered and lightweight Virtual Reality headset and enter your virtual office without a second of travel.

Illustrative real world and VR users standing in a virtual office

Feel present

Meet colleagues with true-to-life avatars and collaborate in a 3D office — experience meetings that feel like you're in the same space.

Illustrative VR User standing in front of a Whiteboard

Work together

Use features designed for productivity. Experience super-powers only VR could give you. Discover seamless digital collaboration with everyone truly present.

Meeting Rooms of the Future

Rooms designed to get your work done. Flexible, personalized, and persistent until the end of time.

Infinite Real Estate.
Close to everyone.

Your future office is infinitely large, CO2 neutral, and physically close to everyone — and it’s nicer and less crowded than the co-working space around the corner.

By changing the paradigm of how rooms are structured and linked within a building, we redefine the role an office space plays in your productivity.

Good for the Planet.

Business travel is one of the largest CO2 emission contributors. In teams that use Arthur, employees need travel up to 90% less — significantly reducing the carbon footprint for each meeting.

A Happier Workforce.

Frequent traveling increases employee stress levels — resulting in high burnout rates, significant productivity losses, and increased turnover. Having to travel less, means time spent more efficiently. Means less time spent at the airport. Means more time spent with family.

Financial Savings.

With your workforce spending less time traveling while being able to collaborate more effectively without the need for a physical office space — you save money tri-fold.