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Introducing Arthur

Discover team meetings in Virtual Reality

A collaboration environment designed to handle the complexity of today's meetings.

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Illustration of a room with simple 3D objects in it.

Work in 3D, with 3D

Visualize and explore 3D models, data and other information in VR together. Discover physical products and complex information in a virtual meeting with unlimited space - and interact with the content like never before.

Illustration of a room with people in 4 different locations.

Different locations, yet in the same space

Remote collaboration that picks up where video conferences don't cut it anymore. Handle more data, collaborate like in physical meetings, and spur your creativity with 3D content - all while joining from different locations.

room-stack@2x room-stack@2x

Upgrade your Office

Expand your office space with Arthur in Virtual Reality, a space merging the digital and physical world of your company. Discover new ways of productivity with an interconnected workforce, crystal clear communication and a future-proof platform for the challenges to come.

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