Virtual office space that maximizes productivity

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Infinite real estate. Close to everyone.

Your future office is infinitely large, CO2 neutral, and physically close to everyone — and it’s nicer and less crowded than the co-working space around the corner.

Case studies


Pioneering workshops

Pioneering workshops


united-nations logoThe future of trainings

The future of trainings


Client engagement

Client engagement


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Project management

Pioneering workshops in VR

Currently, over 100 employees from multiple PwC teams are using Arthur for virtual collaboration.

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How it works


Put on a VR headset or access a 2D device

Participants using a VR headset or Arthur app on desktop to login

Put on VR headset or access a laptop/mobile device to start your virtual office experience.


Enter Arthur Virtual office

Avatars or desktop representation of participants in Arthur VR office

Enter your virtual office without travel and become truly immersed in the virtual experience.


Start working together

Participants meeting and communicating in the lake office environment of Arthur VR

Meet colleagues with true-to-life avatars and start collaborating using all productivity features.


Experience different virtual environments tailored to your hybrid work needs and unlock a vast range of use cases

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Main features of Arthur

Arthur is intuitive to use and its functionalities aim at maximizing productivity for you and your team. Thanks to automated onboarding guides, it takes only very little time to be productive with Arthur

  • Presentations
  • Whiteboards
  • File management
  • 3D objects

Main benefits of Arthur

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Flexibility and freedom

You’re free to work from wherever, with whoever, whenever you want in a truly collaborative environment.

Financial and time savings icon

Cost and time savings

Significantly reduce spend on travels and office space, and save time for what really matters.

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Hybrid workplace

The future of work is here. Increase your productivity and team output by using an immersive VR office space.

Environmental sustainability icon

Environmental sustainability

Business travel is one of the largest contributors to C02 emission. Reduce your carbon footprint by 90%.